Qarabag – Eintracht Frankfurt revelation of the season again in action

Baku, Azerbaijan vice will try a third time to force run in the Europa League duel with the Germans in Frankfurt in the first round of play-off. A match more balanced than it seems at first glance, it is hard to say if the hosts longer a sure victim or not.

After finishing last edition of the championship in the position of vice-internal, Qarabag has this season a thundering start the game or capturing through adulthood. The strength of the team is the middle area where Brazilians Almeida acts, Reynaldo and Chumbino and this roster Dutch striker Leroy George and Georgian Gelashvili is a permanent amentintare for opponents.

A new edition of the first domestic championship with 3 wins consistent, by setting up top. Play parties Tofiq Bahramov Stadium home in Baku, the same stadium that hosts national team games.

Eintracht participate in the Europa League after occupying 6th place in the Bundesliga last season. But this year, the debut was a cold shower for those in Frankfurt, in the first stage they cashed a tennis score from Hertha (1-6). No second stage has not brought joy to the first point, this time and they have a better evolution but against the champion of the Munich, match that yielded a limit. Coach Armin Veh became restless and asked for reinforcements, so Eintracht 3 million out of his pocket and brought him Vaclav Kadlec striker from Sparta Prague.