Dinamo Tbilisi – Tottenham, Steaua Londoners footsteps!

Dinamo Tbilisi – Tottenham game is the last chance pantru European champions in Georgia after their elimination from the Champions League qualifiers. Barely faded echoes of the match with Steaua and behold Tbilisi host receives another force in European football.

Uhrin Jr’s team. will try “big finger” in leg decisive for getting into the Europa League after being eliminated from the Champions League by Steaua Bucharest. The mission is very difficult but, letting her opponent is, at least declaratively, a contender to winning the competition, after the disappointment occasioned by the failure of a place that gave him the right to participate in the European elite. Xisco old, whom they jumped help new acquisitions as well as novel Goga Ivorian Vouho not seem to have the necessary capacity hard pressed to overcome the English defense, although giorgienii nestled in land tactically. Dinamo started the new edition of the championship with a victory in front of Zestafoni and a draw in moving from Dila.

Tottenham did not fall very well this long shift eastward before the match in the Premier League on Sunday, with Swansea. It started with the right new season, winning the match against newly promoted Crystal Palace minimum score, the goal scored by new star arrived at the team, Soldado. Man of the Match was another new acquisition, the Brazilian Paulinho, arrived at Corinthians. Star Gareth Bale continues to lag off the lot, officially because of an injury. Unofficially, Bale fervently wants a transfer to Real, tough negotiations went all summer and his situation is now uncertain because of the exorbitant price demanded by Londoners. After the last hearing, the two teams would have struck a deal for 109 million, which amount is included in the exchange with Coentrao. Willian from Anzhi and Lamela from Roma are one step from Tottenham in the yard and give it as rumors and Steaua Chiriches transferred.